How To Play!

In every contest, Bullbull will post five this-or-that quizzes about stocks traded on global exchange.
Pick three or more correct answers to win!

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Jackpots & Prizes

Win consecutively for Jackpots and Prizes.
Upto 31 contests available for each stock exchange!

  • 31 Streak Jackpot Win 31 contests consecutively to hit a million dollar jackpot! And, of course, more prizes along the way!
  • 5x5 Global Jackpot Get all five quizzes correct to win a golden Bullbull stamp. Collect 5 stamps in a streak to hit the global jackpot!
  • Bullbull Box Open up Bullbull Boxes full of surprises! Hit streak milestones to win keys to Boxes.

5% Jackpot Referral

Bullbull will reward you with 5% of jackpot prize whenever your referred wins Bullbull jackpots.
Make sure to share around your referral code.

  • Your friend gets 100% of the jackpot! 100%
  • You get 5% of the jackpot as your referral bonus! + 5%
Daily Contests
500 +

Daily Contests

Stock Exchanges
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Stock Exchanges

Prize Money

Prize Money